Handprint Wreath

*This is a repost from December 2008. Featured in Sandbox Press this month!*

I was inspired by an old handprint wreath my husband made for his mom when he was 8 years old. I decided to try to make this with my 1 year-old. Feeling a bit overzealous, I had low expectations. But as you can see, it turned out quite nicely:

Handprint Wreath

I used felt so I didn’t have to hem the sides. I cut a 12 x 12 square piece of felt and trimmed after to make the wreath centered. I dipped Ethan’s hands in green paint (acrylic – just what I had around) and did my best to make a circle. I added the red dots with a paintbrush. I used a glue gun to glue on the bow and secure the top. You can use any sort of dowel for the top but I broke off the bottom of a cheap hanger. I wrapped a little bit of the top felt over the hanger and used the glue gun to close it. The extra ribbon at the top gave it a little more color and covered any inconsistencies.

It was such an easy project – the whole thing was completed between breakfast and the morning nap. After it dried, we sent it to Grandma for her holiday decorating!

Check out Sandbox Press for the complete instructions!

Is anyone else thinking about spring yet?

Picnic Blanket

Using this great pattern from Erin -one of my favorite craft bloggers- posted at Sew Mama Sew (and with my mom’s help and encouragement during the holiday break), I made this great picnic blanket for my sister, Nicky. With her almost 8 month old twins, I thought she might be doing some hanging out at the park once the weather warmed up, and having an outdoor blanket will make it slightly easier… that is until the boys starting really moving!

Picnic blanket

The pattern was very easy to follow and includes the addition of rock pockets – brilliant! I was excited to add our new labels, which matched so perfectly with the browns from the blanket.

Picnic blanket

I added four long ties to one side – that way the blanket could be tied up like a sleeping bag as pictured or longways like a yoga mat.

The blanket was fun to make, and I hope I’ll get the chance to picnic with Nic and the boys this summer!

Christmas Cookie Cut-outs

I know it’s a little late to be posting about Christmas cookies but these were so stinkin’ adorable, I couldn’t help myself!

I had over 250 cookies to make last month and this was one small batch of cut-outs. I had never made them before but found some great tips online for cutting them and then googled some images for how to decorate. In the end I was happy with how they turned out but devastated that they would have to be eaten!

Sugar Cookie Christmas Cutouts

This particular tray was one dozen cut outs and I used 6 cutters to make 2 of each. There are other designs out there but these were my favorites. I’ll show them to you close up in increasing order of cuteness:

Sugar Cookie Christmas Cutouts

The stocking and Candy cane were pretty simple. They are official staples of the Christmas holiday so they had to be included, but aren’t much to write home about.

Sugar Cookie Christmas CutoutsI loved the snowflake! The blue was such a pretty background, although this one looks a little bubbly. The white snowflake on top makes me cold just looking at it! That might have something to do with the inch and a half of snow outside…

Sugar Cookie Christmas CutoutsO Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! How lovely are your green icing branches! Cute. I liked the star on top. It was simple but makes the tree official!

Sugar Cookie Christmas CutoutsWouldn’t you feel terrible eating this cute little guy? I’m reminded of the gingerbread man in Shrek. He looks too happy to be so close to being eaten.

Sugar Cookie Christmas CutoutsIsn’t he just the cutest?!?! I loved the nose sticking out. I had to be so careful not to break it off during packaging. I hope to make many more of these in 2010!

Carrie’s cake on Craft!

We are very excited to have visitors from the Craft Magazine blog visit us on Flickr and here at spoolsisters. Carrie’s cake showed up on the blog on Thursday, 5 February. I was freaking out to try to tell Carrie it had been posted when I first saw it!

Rubber ducky cake on Craft!

Carrie wrote about the cakes she made for the Delaware Children’s Museum fundraiser on spoolsisters back in January, and her local paper has a picture of her the logo cake she made for the fundrasier, as well:


Congrats, Carrie!