Canning Saturday

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This weekend we finally got a day to can all of these tomatoes from the garden! Except, the tomatoes were mostly still green… so we canned mostly tomatoes from the farm stand! But, that’s ok! My mom and friend, Kathleen, came over and we spent most of the day canning. It’s a long process but a fun one!

We started with chopping all of the tomatoes. We put them in a BIG pot and cooked them down until they were soft and very juicy. Then they went through the mill – which is a rustic old tool but amazing. No chewy tomato skins and no peeling! It’s the best of both worlds!

Then back into the pot it went! This time we added all of the veggies! Kathleen spent hours cutting onions, peppers, more tomatoes, and lots and lots of garlic! She smelled nice!

Once it was nice and hot, we put it in the cans, and sealed them in a water boil. They all sealed nicely!

Salsa was similar – we just added cilantro and didn’t do the precooking. Instead we parboiled the tomatoes and peeled them first. We added the chunks of tomato to peppers (including some jalapeno!), garlic, lime juice, and the cilantro. We warmed it just so it was hot enough to go into the cans and canned them.

It was a productive day! We made almost 20 large jars of tomato sauce! We made 3 large jars of salsa and about a dozen pint jars. It should last us a month or so… Thanks Mom and Kathleen!