Sadie’s Blanket


A friend of mine just had a new baby girl and I had to make her a fun quilt but, being a crazy mom, I had a limited amount of time. I am not lying when I tell you that I made this “quilt” in about 2 1/2 hours! I prewashed the fabrics a day or two ahead of time and did the rest in one night.

I started by cutting squares of fabric in different colors and patterns. I cut about 6 each 17 1/2″ square. I cut them this size because I wanted to cut them 18″ and was a little short when I measured. So as you can see, this isn’t perfection – but it works!


After I had quite a few patterns and colors cut out, I arranged them and decided to use 3 across and 4 down in 2 different colored polka dots.


I stitched the top pieces together and pinned it to a piece of fleece. I cut around it to have a perfectly sized backing to the blanket. Since it was a thick soft fleece, I didn’t have to use batting inside.


I then stitched the fleece to the pieced top (right sides together, and already pre-pinned!) and flipped it back inside in. I topstitched around the edges and then I took a break!

Lastly, instead of traditional quilting, I did small ties at each intersection.


I hope Sadie enjoys her new blanket. Her future best friend agreed to model it for a photo:


Try to make one and send me some pictures if you do!