Small quilts

Birthday mini-quilt

This quilt was a birthday present for Carrie made back in November, and I don’t know why I never posted these pictures. I also not sure why I never made a small, wall-size quilt before this one either. It was really cute and came together without any fuss.

Birthday mini-quilt

Remember the sweet, little sachet from a few months back? I had another one of the embroidery kits, so I made a second one into this very small quilt. You might recognize some of the other fabrics – some bits of other quilts – I love when the fabrics I have come together so well, and I can even find a little extra binding fabric all ready to go! Not quite sure where Carrie is going to put it, but I have a feeling we might see a picture of it hanging somewhere pretty soon… although we’ll have to wait for Carrie to fill us in on those details soon.

One thought on “Small quilts

  1. Since this has become the inspiration for the baby’s room (it’s gonna be a girl!) I think it will hang in there! Can’t wait to show pictures of all the projects we have planned for the room! Of course Tracy and our Mom will have to help a lot! Stay tuned!

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