Christmas crafts: Felt food

Did you see the awesome kitchen that Carrie refurbished for Ethan? How cool is that! Carrie told me about her project and mentioned wanting to get him some food for his kitchen, so I set out to make him some felt foods. Perfect crafts for watching movies and relaxing in the evening.

I started with these fun sprinkle donuts from Carrie’s 2010 Sewing project calendar (pattern also available here), which is an awesome set of daily sewing projects.

Felt donuts

I also found a lot of patterns online for felt foods, so I made a mix of things.  I was just blown away by the awesome crafters who share their patterns online! These felt orange slices followed this pattern. I made the blue woven place mat out of strips of blue felt in my stash using some fusible interfacing to set them and added a simple fabric background.

Felt orange slices

Sandwich (lettuce, tomato, cheese, veggie bologna OR the classic PB&J) and chips from here. These took the longest to make, but I was happy how they came out.

Felt sammy

And a shot at the inside goodies (you can see even more pictures on Flickr).

Felt sandwich ingredients

And of course some potato chips (or the healthier banana chip)…

Felt chips

I found so many fun patterns online but ran out of time. Here are some patterns I had wanted to try, but didn’t have time for:

Pumpkin pie, grapes, broccoli and cauliflower

Cake stand and chocolate box


Pancakes! (they even look yummy)

Now I need a visit to Ethan’s kitchen!

3 thoughts on “Christmas crafts: Felt food

  1. tracy, i love the felt food!! i made some food for k out of her newborn onsies that were solid colors. the fabric was so nice and soft and i hand-stitched them and filled them with fiberfill. carrots, tomatoes, corn and an eggplant… theyve lasted over a year so far!! :D

  2. just found your website(it’s a miracle),i’m not very good with computers. Love your felt food, wanted to make some for my grandchildren but needed inspiration to get started. thank you so much for sharing your. hope to stop back some time.

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