Whale and Sailboat cookies

For my friend Katie’s graduation from college, she requested pink whales. Cake, cookies, dessert – it didn’t matter – as long as it had whales on it!

Whale Cookies

Madalyn did most of the work so I won’t pretend to take the credit but they were just too darn cute not to post.

Sailboat Cookies

The sailboats were for extra maritime fun! I hope these made you smile!

Whale Cookies

Pumpkin Softies

October’s Sandbox Press article is Fall themed!

Sept 2010 152

One of the most obvious signs of fall’s arrival is pumpkins! You can’t drive far around here without seeing pumpkins for sale on the side of the road! Bring some fall inside your home with these fun Pumpkin Softies. Parents can prep the craft for little ones by doing the first two steps below. They are quick and easy to make and can be reused to decorate for autumn year after year.

Sept 2010 148

Pick out fun fall-colored soft fabrics such as fleece, fake fur, or felt. Everything else you need for the project can most likely be found inside and outside your home. Kids will love rounding up some sticks and twigs out in the fresh autumn air. Reusing your plastic grocery store bags is an easy and economical way to fill these soft pumpkins.


Sept 2010 128

  1. Fabric: soft fall colored fabric such as fleece, fake fur, or felt
  2. Scissors
  3. Dental floss
  4. Needle
  5. Plastic grocery bags
  6. Sticks
  7. Green pipe cleaners


1. Cut a circle from your fabric for each pumpkin (Find a plate with about an 8” diameter and trace it with chalk or a pencil and then cut).

Sept 2010 045

2. Thread your needle with dental floss and sew around the circle about ½” from the edge, using large stitches.  Leave a few inches hanging on each end to close the top.

Sept 2010 129

3. Pull the ends of the floss to close the pumpkin loosely. Stuff a plastic grocery bag into the pouch formed. Tie the floss closed tightly to hold the bag in and form your pumpkin.

Sept 2010 137

4. Put a short stick into the hole for a stem.

Sept 2010 143

5. Create leaves and vines with green pipe cleaners (optional).

Sept 2010 142

This is my son showing off his pumpkin! Enjoy!