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The top is done! A raffle quilt  for the Children’s Alopecia Project. The pattern is from Boo Davis’ fun book,  Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts.
You can see last year’s donation here and learn more about my support for this cause.

The quilt (machine quilted by my amazing mom) will be raffled off at the Mutts Making Money For Melaina Community Family Fun Day
25 September  2011
11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Black Rock Park
1286 Black Rock Road
Oaks, PA

Comment or send me an email if you’re interested in raffle tickets!


People tend to comment to Tracy and I how great it is that we are sisters who both love to be creative. Well, it doesn’t stop with just the two of us! There is a third creative sister (not to mention an uber creative mom) who I’ve been working with to create an awesome new website. It’s taken up a lot of my time lately and now it’s time for me to share it with you! I even interviewed myself to help inform you of what Chockababy is all about. Enjoy!

Welcome to Chockababy:


Why did we start Chockababy?
We are two sisters who are moms (mine are 4 and 1, Nicky has 2 year old twin boys). We didn’t love the options we had for tracking our babies’ milestones and sharing updates with our families. So in the midst of motherhood and part-time jobs, we have started Chockababy (pronounced Cha-kuh-baby). We think Moms would appreciate the features of this site – especially the user-friendliness for super-busy moms like us!
What is Chockababy?
Chockababy is an online baby book! You can store milestones and memories about your child(ren). It also has social networking features – you can share your book with friends and family who love you and your family!
How do I get a Chockababy book?
Go to – sign up for an account with your facebook login or enter your information in – either way, it’s fast and easy!
What are a few highlights?
1. Tracks your child’s growth from pregnancy through preschool age.
2. Record your child’s milestones.
3. Share your child’s updates with close friends and family.
4. Enjoy a really cool ticker on every kid’s page.
What are some of your favorite features of Chockababy compared to other sites?
Nicky and I are especially proud of Chockababy’s commitment to privacy – users can know that only those they invite through email will have access to their Chockababy book! The social networking aspects of Chockababy are focused on only those who you really want to see updates on your family – instead of everyone you’ve ever met since elementary school :)
What should readers do now?
I could talk about it this forever but I’d rather have you check it out –! Set up an account – and if you like it – please spread the word! We are proud of this site! You can also like us on facebook here for updates and giveaways!
How do we get more information?
You can find lots more about us and the site at Feel free to comment or email me at carrie @ chockababy dot com anytime!
Thanks for checking it out!


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Things are very busy these days, so it feels good to be making…

A special ice cream cake for a 30 year celebration,

And a gift* for a garden themed wedding shower.

More projects in the works and hopefully some pictures to share.

*Garden tote pattern here

Five am snacks

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I’ve been eating a lot of granola bars even since our babe was born. Waking up throughout the night and nursing makes me very hungry and thirsty, and I keep a glass of water and some snacks by the chair. I stopped to read the label at the grocery store the other day on the box of granola bars, and realized I was eating a lot of preservatives and artificial ingredients (not to mention spending a lot of money). I did some searching, and I learned how easy it is to make granola bars at home. We modified this recipe to include dried papaya, toasted coconut, chopped chocolate pieces (we’re out of chips), and walnuts. They are amazing and so much better than the store bought ones. The recipe also sold me with the mention of being a great food gift for new parents!

Some thoughts about cake

Flourless chocolate cake

I have an appreciation for great cake due to Carrie’s talents, so when we try a new recipe that is super yummy and makes me want to share here, you know it must be good. This cake is one of those recipes!

A family friend brought us quiche and a version of this chocolate cake, and it was the first time since our babe was born that we sat down at the table and had a meal together. Does it matter that we started with the cake? (To be fair the quiche was in the oven warming up).

This cake has a secret though – a surprising one. No flour, but that is not a big deal. There are lots of flourless, fudgy chocolate cakes. Chickpeas! A can of drained and rinsed chickpeas pureed. Who would have thought – delicious and healthy.

The one in the picture above we made last night for a dinner with friends. We used a recipe found online, but it wasn’t as good as the one Susie brought over (it was dry so we compensated with some whipped cream). I’ve asked her for the recipe and will update this post once I get it. Then you can go make this cake! Wouldn’t a raspberry sauce be great on top?